Breaking Into a New Realm

It all started with a question, “What if...” For Ernest the question was “What if this game had a combat element?” For me the question was “What if everyone was telling the same story, but they had to work with random elements?” And the rest is history. Well, not exactly, but is it how things began and how we started our journey to “break into a new realm.” We have different histories with tabletop games starting from childhood, but we both love to play games and are always looking for something new to play. While wondering what would happen if new elements were introduced into old favorites we learned we also loved to design games.

We are constantly in game creation mode. Every car ride is spent bouncing ideas off of each other for new games ideas or elements. Every meal is spent sketching figures and diagramming game play in a notebook. Text messages sent to each other (or ourselves) at 3 A.M. with a possible fix for a sticky game element or a new idea that won’t let us sleep are common. Designing games is our passion and we love to see the excitement and enjoyment other’s get out of our games.

With that in mind we each decided to start our own studios to design games that each of us was passionate about. Ernest started K.Y.L.A. Games and I started A Geek & her Games and we got started on making our own games. After a while we realized that even though we were each designing our own games every game had touches from both of us in them. So, we decided to keep the collaboration going and create one company. That’s how AllGeekz was born. Eventually, we expanded into designing other gaming products, t-shirts, and jewelry. Who knows what we will design next?

Officially, AllGeekz is an Indie design studio located in Texas. In reality, AllGeekz is a company that was created by two friends who have a passion for creating new, unique and interesting tabletop games and gear that they want to share with the world. 

Every item from AllGeekz is one we are passionate about and that we want to share with you. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that someone enjoyed one of our games or t-shirts! We hope you will give our games and gear a try and see just why we love them!

Want to know more, have a question, comment, or story you want to share? Then let us know. You can send us a message on our Contact page, through email at, or by phone at 956-299-8954.